Rauceby Homestays is located on an 1100 acre farm, on the 16000 acre Pitt Island, in the Chathams group, some 800+ kilometres to the East of Christchurch New Zealand. Despite the size of the island, there is plenty here to keep you occupied and entertained. 

Come and park up with Martie Gregory-Hunt and the crew and let him give you a decent look around this magical little spot in the middle of the Roaring Forties.

If  you are after lots of laughs, spectacular scenery, meeting genuine Chatham Islanders, eating too much home-style cooking, and maybe a bit of hunting and fishing, AND views to die for, then you have come to the right place.

Frederick Hunt and family Circa 1880

Your host, Martie, is a direct descendant of the original European settlers to this island paradise. Martie’s great, great, great grandfather; Frederick Hunt settled here around 1843. In fact, Rauceby farm is the only piece of land left on the Chatham Islands that has remained in Gregory-Hunt hands since old Frederick passed on.

The Gregory-Hunt name is synonymous with the Chatham Islands and Pitt Island in particular.

One thing that you can be guaranteed of when you stay at Rauceby Homestays, is that you will have fun. If you are after some spectacular scenery, some good company, a cold beer or a glass of something stronger in the evening and the chance to relax, right here on the edge of time…… then you need to book now. Dont wait for the right moment…. it’s here now.

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