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Accommodation news

Accommodation news

The newest and best Homestay accommodation on the Chatham Islands  has just opened on the remote and spectacular Pitt Island. That’s right folks, Rauceby Homestays is the latest offering and the only homestay available on this island with direct connections to Black Robin Homestays on the main Chatham Island.

Martie Gregory-Hunt’s family have been farming this piece of prime real estate for over 180 years, and they havent even worked up a sweat yet. Recently, Martie decided to share this little spot with some friends and they convinced him that the place is a winner. So, having given the place a bit of a tidy up, and a few tweaks and some creative construction, Rauceby Homestays is here.

With a range of accommodation options, from pretty darned good double bedroom accommodation, to work crew cabin-style or camping accommodation, there are endless choices to suit you on your first visit to Rauceby farm, staying with Rauceby Homestays.

Martie also provides package deals in conjunction with Black Robin Homestays and ?? where you can stay with Lynn at Black Robin Homestays, do a hunting package with ?? and spend two nights at Rauceby Homestays and have a guided tour around this beautiful little island, all for just $?????